Sunday, July 29, 2012

Working Out Weekend and Travel

I was at my crossfit training seminar this weekend and it was exhausting. I haven't felt this way in a long time. Both nights I wanted to come home and go right to bed (at 6:30 pm).
Generally I get a little tired spell around noon and try to take a little nap for about 30 minutes to an hour. Without these on Saturday and Sunday, I was surprised I made it through the lectures.
I brought a couple of pieces of fruit just incase I needed a sugar boost at some point. It definitely helped for the test! Their was a ton of movement going on as well as lecturing, so I definitely got my work outs in.

Working Out Weekend
We worked on (in depth) our air squat, front squat and overhead squat on Saturday. Later that day we also went over the shoulder press, push press and push jerk. Then at the end of the day we did "Fran" which is customary for the level 1 certification. My time was 6 minutes 35 seconds with 35 lbs. and jumping pullups. Not impressive by any means, but after an entire day of working on movements, I was satisfied to not push it.

Sunday we worked on our deadlift, sumo deadlift high-pull and medicine-ball cleans. Wow, was I a mess. I feel like I've never worked these muscles before even though I've been doing all the movements for almost a year. My legs are still burning. After all of that hard work we did a ten minute amrap WOD (as-many-rounds-as-possible/workout of the day). I moved pretty slowly and having not had any mid-day nap was struggling to push myself through the movements.

I am spending the week in Las Vegas with my sister and a couple of friends. The hardest part of being here is feeding myself and I realize I will have to make some exceptions. Tuesday morning I had an omelette with organic eggs, veggies and chicken sausage. It came with fresh fruit (some or all organic) and potatoes but I had tomato slices instead. This was at the Canyon Ranch Grill at the Palazzo. Their water was infused with lemon and was surprisingly good. This really impressed me for some reason. I will definitely go back here. For lunch my sister and I will be gorging on corned beef and pastrami at the Carnegie Delicatessen at the Mirage. I cannot account for their meat source, as it is most probably grain-fed and full of antibiotics and hormones, but I will follow up this rare cheat with some fish oil.

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