Friday, July 6, 2012

Prenatal Vitamins

Today's breakfast: 2 eggs from a friend's hens, homemade pork breakfast sausage, wilted organic spinach and some organic avocado slices.... washed down with a little apple cider vinegar and orange juice zinger (this is my own name for this drink).

The thing about eating greens to get more iron, is that you have to eat it with vitamin C for maximum absorption. Obviously with this meal there is no problem there. The spinach itself has a good amount of vitamin C along with the splash of orange juice in this drink.

Vitamins (and Minerals)
One of the helpful things in my 100's book is the list of vitamins he has included for the first trimester.
We took this information to the store for prenatal vitamins. Knowing that iron was a key vitamin, we looked for that amount first. The one we liked the most had no weird and unnecessary ingredients like excess soy, wheat, sugar.... etc. except for a tiny bit of soy lecithin probably used to keep it all together in pill form. This was Prenatal One Multivitamin, which came with 150 servings and was pretty fairly priced (no more than $35).
When compared to the list in the book, most of the vitamins and minerals were included in the perfect amount or well over the daily value. There were a couple differences that will need to be supplemented in other ways.
Choline in the pill was 10mg and the recommended daily value is 450mg. That's a huge difference for such an important vitamin. Choline is a huge contributor to helping the brain develop and luckily 2 eggs fullfil about half the daily requirement.
Potassium was lacking by about 2,290 mg and the calcium level was under by about 800 mg as well as slight deficiencies in Vitamin K, chloride, phosphorus, magnesium, iodine and fluoride.
Again, these are things we can supplement in other ways and this prenatal vitamin still seemed like a great choice.

For lunch I had leftover cabbage shell tacos from last night. So good!

No workout today.

For dinner we had an organic salad and I re-created hot and sour seafood soup from our sushi lunch the other day. I used zucchini as noodles, shrimp, cod, mushrooms and onions. This was a recipe that I will definitely have to record one of these days. It is also an excellent meal for a person who is sick.

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