Saturday, July 7, 2012

Working Out (in general)

For breakfast I had an organic smoothie with greens, 2 organic eggs, breakfast sausage, and wilted kale.
It's not a smaller meal, just a bigger plate.

Working Out
Yesterday's workout was tough. It was about 95 degrees out and I was sweating before I even started.
I think most pregnant women are afraid to push themselves to exercise during their pregnancy. You always picture a room full of pregnant women doing yoga or something where they are sitting on the ground. I have nothing against yoga, but if you are sitting, you are probably not really "working out."
The good thing about CrossFit is that you are always glad you did it, even when you are sore the next day or two. For me, I want to be in the best shape possible when I am pregnant. I want excellent core strength so that when it comes to pushing out a baby, it only takes a couple of good pushes. I have also been reading that women who are already in great physical fitness tend to carry their babies high and tight, like a basketball. These are the type of women that don't look pregnant until they turn to the side. Yes please!
There can be risks to doing too much. Obviously you don't want to push yourself until hyperventilation or hypoxia. Your baby needs the oxygen as much as you do. A common rule is that your heart rate shouldn't be above a 140 if you are exercising. There are specific movements you shouldn't do, and the list goes on....
I think the best way to work out is with common sense. This list has a couple things to consider that pretty much fall under common sense.

For myself, I am just going to listen to my body. If there is a specific movement I don't feel comfortable doing because I am worried about it being harmful even during this first trimester (or just because I hate doing it - like kettle-bell swings), I am just not going to do it. I may try to substitute something similar in movement. If I am doing a met-con and I want to stop for a rest, I will. I will not even pay attention to the clock for my wods. I'm not competing. I am just trying to get a good workout. I am not going to let myself breathe too hard or get anywhere near dizzy. I will drink nearly all of my 32 oz bottle of water to keep myself cool and hydrated. I will also take a mid-wod pee-break if I damn well feel like it. That's it. That is all I need to do.

I feel good about exercising and I am already feeling that it is making a difference. If it were that easy to lose a baby from doing exercise - American teens would be in way better shape and the abortion clinics would go out of business.

Lunch today was 2 Applegate Farms hot dogs, some homemade sauerkraut and red onion. I was a little too lazy to make a salad. For dinner we had pastured chicken legs (from our CSA) with sauteed organic leeks, collard greens, spinach and chard with a little salad on the side. For dessert I had a piece of a chocolate bar that is sweetened with stevia. I am cherishing it because my husband says I need to stop eating chocolate. I made him do some research on decaf coffee and he found out how much caffeine is in chocolate. I knew it would come to that. Wah wahhhhh......

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