Thursday, July 19, 2012

Working Out and Working Out Myths?

This morning I was lucky enough to eat some bacon from Herondale Farm, where we are part of a CSA share program for meat. It was wonderful- the perfect balance of fatty and crispy! I also had two eggs, tomato and avocado. I smothered all of this in Cholula right after snapping this photo. I think I've discovered a craving/addiction. Before all this I had a smoothie with greens.

For some reason right before we went to the gym I started feeling really tired. Instead of staying home, I went to the gym and did a couple things instead of one tough workout.

Working Out
Today's WOD:

Deadlift  5-5-5  (I did 145 lbs. - 165 lbs. - 185 lbs.)

Instead of the scheduled WOD, I did:

row 1000 meters
tabata thrusters and overhead squats with pvc pipe
partner wall ball situps
worked on my pullups

Afterward we had hot dogs from our CSA and some homemade sauerkraut for lunch.

Working Out Mythbusting
I also found a book on Amazon that I have ordered from the publisher. It is called Exercising Through Your Pregnancy - 2nd Ed. written by James Clapp, M.D. and Catherine Cram, M.S.
I am excited to get more of the science supporting the fact that women really should be working out through their pregnancy. This book hopefully holds the answers to many common questions and dispels what Dr. James Clapp lists as myths about exercising while pregnant.

Common Myths About Exercising and Pregnancy

1. Pregnant women should keep their heart rates under 140 beats per minute.
2. Exercise during lactation makes the milk taste sour.
3. Women should avoid abdominal exercises in mid and late pregnancy.
4. Pregnant women should not lift weights.
5. The bouncing and jarring which occur during running and high-impact aerobics increase the risk        for the baby getting tangled up in the umbilical cord.
6. Exercise causes premature labor.
7. Exercise will cause the fetus to detach from the wall of the womb.
8. Exercise right after a pregnancy will cause hernias and loss of vaginal and pelvic support.

Before dinner we tried the liver again, but this time on a cracker I made from almond flour and coconut flour. They were just enough to get rid of that slightly off-putting aftertaste. 

For dinner my husband made arroz con pollo (cauliflower rice). It was really good. The chicken of course came from our CSA.

For dessert we had apple pie ice-cream. Just a quick description of the ingredients for those curious about how this is done... coconut cream/milk from the can, xylitol, stevia extract, 1 pint of date sweetened applesauce (homemade), and ginger and cinnamon to get the pie taste. It was awesome. This was probably one of the best flavors we've made. I am also tempted to try peach pie sometime soon.

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