Friday, July 6, 2012

Symptoms, Waiting Room and Working out

For breakfast I had more organic spinach, 2 eggs scrambled with various organic veggies and a breakfast sausage patty. The new prenatal vitamin, a multi, vitamin D and fish oil were washed down with ginger infused water.

I'm really trying to make a point of listening to my body. Given that I am pretty much a housewife, I have the luxury of doing whatever my body needs me to do.
    Cramping- This started the day before I found out I was pregnant and has continued ever since. Unable to get into a doctor (because I don't have one here yet) to find out why this was happening, I decided to look online. I found a forum conversation of women who were just finding out about their own pregnancies and experiencing the same thing. It's not a consistent pain. It comes and goes, and if I stand up maybe it will come again or rolling over might set it off. The pain is also not extreme. For the most part, it is a dull feeling like muscle-soreness. Every once in a while it gets strong enough to make me stop moving altogether until it subsides. This, as I found from reading the exchanges in the forum, is completely normal and is explained by the stretching of the uterus.
    Headaches- I have only had a couple of very mild headaches starting in the morning and tapering off throughout the day.
    Fatigue- I find myself having moments where I feel like I need to just lay down and take a nap. It usually happens a couple hours after I have been up and doing things. I don't really take a full-on nap most of the time. It does feel nice just to lay down for a bit and close my eyes. I also find myself pretty wiped out by the end of the day.
    Sleep- There have been changes in my sleep for sure. A couple of weeks ago I decided that I was going to start waking up at 8:30 am every day, just to get more use of my time. I also felt a little guilty about sleeping-in seeing as my husband was waking up to go to work at either 5 am or 7 am. It was pretty hard the first couple days, but then I found myself waking up 30 - 45 minutes before my alarm was to go off. These times I woke up naturally and didn't feel groggy or like I missed out on that extra time. It seems to be getting earlier and earlier that I am waking up without an alarm and feeling ready to start my day. I usually complain about sleep because my husband and I need different things to be super comfortable and I rarely say "I had a really good night of sleep." I tend to get colder and don't like when my side of the bed starts to get too soft. If only I could afford a sleep-number! But now, my sleep feels so much more restful. I am dreaming vividly enough to remember the dreams when I wake up.
I don't know if it's because the author of this book said vivid dreams are common with pregnancy, and I am paying more attention to them, or if she's just right.
    Breasts- Getting larger and annoyingly sore.... need I say more. For women who didn't have much to begin with, this may be a blessing... but for the previously "blessed" this is a curse. As if it wasn't hard enough to find a comfortable bra, now I have to find something to jam these balloons into that will not add to their increasing size. They don't really seem to make bras without padding somewhere in it. Yeah, like it's really possible to "push-up" double D's.
    Urination- This is way more than I expected for a first trimester thing. I totally expected that it was gonna happen when the baby got big and started lounging on my bladder. I really don't pee this often... but maybe I'm just hyper-aware of it? Could be my imagination, but it seems much more frequent.

Waiting Room
So we, my husband and I, sat in a walk-in medical center waiting room for 2 and a half hours this morning. I don't know if he was just protecting his zygote, but my husband just about lost it with the number of morons hacking and coughing all over themselves. One lady came in that most certainly had tuberculosis. I'm pretty sure even the physician's assistants (I'm really being generous with the credentials of the girls in the back) sent her away. Later he kept referring to one guy who was clearly overweight and saying to his likewise overweight daughter that they could go eat at Wendy's. The guy literally sounded like he had so much fat that it was in his throat while he was talking. If that doesn't deter people from fast-food.... I don't know what will.
All in all, we waited and eventually I peed in a cup for someone with some sort of medical degree to tell me I am indeed pregnant. The whole lovely process cost us $95. I had been hoping to get a blood-test to find out how far along I am, but the doc said I could just do it when I see an obstetrician and save myself the money. He said to assume I am 4 weeks along because it was 4 weeks since my last period. I don't know about you... but that math seems weird, especially since ovulation is somewhere in the middle. But hey, I'm a pregnant lady, not a doctor.
The most helpful part of the visit was that we found out how to remedy the whole "no insurance" thing. I have an appointment with an OB at 2:15 pm on July 30th. They make the appointment for after a woman is 8 weeks along (or as I'd like to say - 2 months). Turns out, they will take care of all the insurance paperwork at the time of the appointment and it is done and in full effect. Woohoo! This is how it works in this state- get pregnant = get insured.
I am grateful.

Working Out
Today's CrossFit WOD:

1 K row for time (4 minutes 8 seconds... NICE!)

Bench Press

5 - 5 - 5 (I did 75 - 85 - 95)

5 Muscle-Up (I did 15 pull-ups and 15 ring-dips)

10 Front Squat (I used 85, the Rx was 95)

30 Double-Under (got my personal record of 12 unbroken)

4 rounds for time (I did 3 because I thought it was 3.... oops!)

This felt good and I just wanted to get through it. I didn't really hustle that much and made sure my breath never really got away from me.

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