Saturday, July 7, 2012

Greens, Working out Breaking the News

Today instead of having greens on my plate, I had them in my drink. Two eggs, bacon, breakfast sausage and a smoothie made for the perfect sized meal. The (organic) smoothie had half of a banana, a small handful of blueberries, a splash of orange juice, half of a cup of coconut milk, water and a scoop of greens. 

This stuff truly is Amazing Grass (the name of the company). I would highly recommend it to anyone who does not like to eat greens, but you gotta put it in a smoothie or you will not like it. If you drink it just stirred into a liquid, it may seem a little gritty. It is sweetened with stevia at least. Just take a look at the nutritional content:

Working Out
Today's CrossFit WOD:

Back Squats
5 - 5 - 5  (I did 115 - 145 - 155 lbs.)

30 meters broad jump
30 meters crab crawl
30 meters overhead (25 lb) plate lunges

*3 rounds
followed by 100 abmat situps

my time: 14+ minutes

Afer the gym we came home and had some leftover roast from the other night and an organic salad with homemade ranch dressing. Okay, I might have overdone it on the amount of salad....

Breaking the News
I was having a little extra faith in the mail system today in hopes that we would get calls from one or both sets of parents about the arrival of their "pee-packages." Well, it happened late in the afternoon and everyone was ecstatic, of course. I also called my grandmother and told her that she would be a GREAT-grandmother. She let out quite a scream out of her own excitement. I'm glad.

For dinner we had grass-fed london broil (from our CSA) and roasted organic veggies. Very good!

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