Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sleep and Questions

Who needs to go to a restaurant when you can have this every morning in your own house?
This gourmet masterpiece consists of 2 pieces of Trader Joe's bacon (only the antibiotic/hormone free), 2 organic eggs with basil leaves (from our potted plant) and butternut squash "homefries" with some spinach. This butternut squash recipe is delicious. I made it over a year ago and now my husband has taken over. It's nice to have him do all the work and be able to just warm it in the skillet in the morning. :)

Before I was even close to pregnant, I was telling someone that I wasn't going to be doing any waking up at 5 am with any baby. That baby will just have to learn to sleep in, just like we taught our dogs. We got it down to where if we got up early, our dogs would come downstairs and eat breakfast and then go back upstairs to sleep some more. I'm pretty sure I just got laughed at with that idea.
*Just an interruption here- I just ate everything on that plate and had a smoothie with greens in it and my stomach feels empty still.... what the what?
Anyway, I have found strange things happening with my sleep. I always wondered how parents got up so early with their baby every morning and thought that it was just something they got used to over time. Now I feel like the body naturally prepares itself to become the morning person it needs to be for a newborn. That's good. At least I'm preparing without any effort. It also makes me wonder if the tired spells I seem to have a couple hours later will someday coincide with my babies' post breakfast nap time. If so, I'll take it! Waking up earlier each morning is not just the first thing that's going on.
I am sleep-walking. Now this is something that I've done before many times. Despite that it's called "sleep-walking" it doesn't always involve cruising around your house. Sometimes I would just sit up in bed and start looking around the room or do weird things like trying to hold up the wall behind our bed because I thought it was going to come down on me and my sleeping husband. I actually thought that just pulling the blanket over his head would protect him. It seems now that my dreams, even the super-active ones, are all following the theme of children, childbirth, parenting, etc....
Last night I got up out of bed thinking I needed to take the sack of birthing fluid and/or placenta and bloody mess from it's spot on the floor next to my bed and move it somewhere that it would be safe for later. I bent down to pick this stuff up and (it was really my scattered clothes from that day) thought to myself "Oh, the fluid drained out. Well I better move it anyway." So I gathered the pieces of clothing, one of which was dark and seemed to be the "bloody" item, and walked over to the door and placed them gently on the floor next to our laundry basket. This morning, I had some vague recollection of doing this and went over to see what I was actually moving in my sleep. I saw that it was just dirty clothes.
Another night I woke up and looked over at my husband's side of the bed for some reason and watched the figure of a little blonde boy fade into the objects behind as I blinked my eyes into focus. He had been doing something with the things on my husbands night stand. This is another thing I have done quite a bit. I open my eyes in my sleep and things that I was dreaming about slowly come into focus as objects around my room.

For lunch I had 2 hot dogs again and a side salad. This time I wrapped the dogs with bacon. I followed it all up with a piece of the primal banana gingerbread I made. I didn't write the recipe down but it came out AWESOME! I'll work on that recipe for interested parties.
Tomorrow I will be trying out one of these amazing looking burgers I got from a deal on groupon. They are from La Cense Beef, are antibiotic/hormone free and 100% grass-fed beef from Montana. Their steakburger patties are "a premium blend of Sirloin Steak, Round Roast, Chuck Roast and Flank Steak." The price worked out to only $6 per pound with free shipping ($49 for 24 patties). Can't beat that deal. I ordered them on Monday and they arrived today. These are frozen and look how deep the color is!

Q: What is meconium? This is a term I came across in my homebirth research and it has something to do with newborns pooping I think.
A: Meconium is literally newborn poop. It's slimy and dark greenish to brownish and apparently resembles tar in it's texture. It is pretty much what has been in their digestive system from inside the womb. I'd put up a picture if it wouldn't be so close to my burgers. Feel free to click the link and check out wikipedia's pics. From what I read on the homebirthing forum, it sounds like a pain in baby's ass to get off and can be easier to remove when you apply oil or vaseline to the newborn's bum in between diaper changes.

Q: Do I need different strollers, car seats, etc... for different baby's ages? I'm talking newborn - toddler, not newborn - 5 year old obviously...   I asked this question because my sister-in-law said she has a ton of stuff to give us for the baby. They are so far aunt and uncle #1 because they will probably save us literally thousands of dollars.
A: According to there are 3 different kinds of car seats. The first kind faces the rear of the car and is used for newborns/infants that are 20 lbs. and under. The second seat is forward-facing and is used for infants of more than 20 lbs. The best option seems like the third. A convertible car seat can be rear-facing for newborns and front-facing for when the baby weighs enough.

Q: What foods/nutrients help prevent or minimize morning sickness? This one I ask on behalf of friends. I am lucky to not have any morning sickness yet. In one place I read that it's not supposed to happen until 7 weeks and in another- from 4 weeks.
A: I thought I read in one or both of my books that there was a nutrient in particular foods that could help to prevent or minimize the onset of morning sickness. When I went back and looked, I couldn't find anything except that "vomiting and nausea during the first trimester were correlated with an unsuitable diet and big infrequent meals." This was found in a study by researchers at the University of Athens.
Jonny Bowden of my 100's book, says that protein-deficiency can cause vomiting, fatigue and loss of appetite. So, perhaps protein is the way to go. It is my favorite thing to eat and I get it first thing in the morning. Maybe it is helping me to avoid these symptoms? When searching the internet I found this site that recommends avocados, proteins and nut-butter to help stave off the nausea.My recommendation would be to have a little organic broth (preferably homemade) in the morning before doing anything. It's all protein, among other numerous nutrients, it's mild on the stomach and full of water to re-hydrate you first thing in the morning.

That's all the questions I have for today.

For dinner, I am making a filet of marinated wild salmon we bought from costco and whatever veggies we have to throw on the side. Lately I've been cutting up a bit of everything and roasting it all with the entree. I'm not allowed to have chocolate anymore except a tiny bit every once in a while, so dessert will probably be a piece of fruit.

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