Sunday, July 8, 2012

Oh the Heat, Working out and Iced Tea

Today I am foregoing the smoothie. It has fruit in it, which I don't want to have too much of because of the natural sugars. I may save that for my post-workout snack. This breakfast includes 2 eggs, breakfast sausage, wilted kale with red onion, avocado and tomato. I found a peach rooibos herbal tea to satisfy my need for a different flavored water.

The Heat
These temperatures have been keeping me indoors within air-shot of our wonderful air-conditioner. Today it's not so bad, but yesterday we topped out at around 100 degrees. One of the things I remember from science class, whether it was in college or high-school, was that when your body starts reaching temperatures like 104 or higher your DNA starts to unravel. I always picture the double helix starting to break apart at the middle of each ladder rung and the whole thing unzipping. This is really what happens and it causes problems that are as serious as it sounds. This is not only why it is dangerous for anyone to ever have a fever that high, but why you have to pay attention to your body temperature in extreme heat. Can you imagine what could happen to your tiny fetus? No thanks.
Obviously you need to make sure you are not overheating during exercise by drinking plenty of water and being willing to stop if you get too hot.
With thoughts of next summer's heat, I wanted to remember this great post on how to keep your newborn cool.

Working Out
Today's WOD:

1 rep max thruster (I did 125 lbs)

Death by Thrusters

1 Thruster the first minute, 2 the 2nd minute, 3 the third minute etc… Continue until you are unable to complete the set number of thrusters within the minute.

Rx: 135/95

I did 8 rounds + 8 in round 9 (with 65 lbs)

Iced Tea
Since I have to give up all coffee whatsoever, this is a beverage I will be expecting to drink a ton of, in various combinations with ACV or fruit juice or both. The most important thing about the types of teas you select is that they say "herbal" on the box. This means they contain no caffeine. If a box doesn't say anything to indicate the caffeine level, forget it. Ginger tea is always recommended mainly for easing the stomach. I use it to make my ACV zinger drinks. The other one I have now is the peach rooibos, which is a red herbal tea. It also has a little cinnamon, cardamom, clove, ginger and stevia mixed in. As a hot tea, it would be good to make a tea-latte with coconut milk instead of dairy. I've been drinking it iced and it has a mild earthy flavor to it.
Another tea I happen to have in my cupboard is Organic Raspberry Leaf. I bought this months ago to help naturally ease menstrual cramps. Lo and behold, it actually worked! It turns out that it recommended *during pregnancy. It is caffeine free and supposedly helps with irregular menstruation, cramps and pregnancy as well as toning the uterus. That's awesome! I haven't had a cup just yet since I've learned I am expecting. I am still glad to feel the cramps just to know that everything is working properly. I may find out that it helps with the stretching of the uterus and give it a shot one day.
Another thing I would like to try is lavender tea mixed with a little lemonade. Yum.

Lunch was leftover grass-fed roast from some nights back, followed a couple hours later by an organic salad.
Dinner was my new favorite item, which we had only a week ago because it is my new favorite, tacos.
Grass-fed beef tacos with tomato, avocado, red onion in a cabbage shell. You can't see all the toppings because it's easier to put them under the meat. A side salad with homemade caesar dressing and some more peach tea wrapped it all up for this complete dinner. We have plenty of leftovers for the week too.

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