Saturday, July 28, 2012

Primal and Pregnant Travel Part 1

Back to my usual Cholula doused breakfast. Ahhhhh.... so perfect and easy! Two of the highest quality eggs, some avocado slices and a piece of pastured bacon are the best way to start my day. Honestly, it was a little tough today. I'm not sure what to attribute it to. I woke up at around 5 am and felt like I could start my day, but tried to fall back to sleep. It took a little while but I managed and woke up again with my alarm at 8:30. I was in and out of sleep for about another half-hour and had to sit myself up and drink some water at around 9. That usually does the trick, but not this time. Instead of heading down to cook breakfast I thought a shower might help me wake up. I was very sluggish and didn't get out of the house until 10:30 when I had planned on being at the gym before 10. It could be a result of the progression of my pregnancy, the time fluctuations between NYC and Las Vegas or, most probably, caused by my lack of specific nutrients and somewhat poor eating during the past week's vacation.

Travel Eating
   For two mornings I ate at the Canyon Ranch Grill in the Palazzo or the Venetian (it seems they are part of the same resort?). This was the closest walking-distance restaurant that offered organic eggs and other organic ingredients. The first morning I had a 3 egg omelette with all of the veggies offered, organic chicken sausage and no cheese. Instead of the potatoes on the side, I had sliced tomatoes and it also came with a nice side of fruit. The second time I went I felt guilty about assuming the sausage was grain-free, so I asked the waiter and told him to include all of the veggies that were organic in the omelette. It turns out that the sausage was gluten-(and hopefully all other grain)-free, however the only veggie that was organic was the spinach (out of a list of about 6 different ingredients). When in doubt, ask. Sometimes you just don't want to be a pain in the butt, but it's your health, your food and your money.
   Please also note I brought all my vitamins as well as extra fish oil and probiotics to supplement the lesser quality meals I consumed.
   The first day for lunch we had Carnegie Deli corned beef and pastrami and I ate the leftovers the next day for lunch. Again, this is not the best quality meat but better than eating a loaf of bread. *Sidenote- while just typing the words "loaf of bread" I remembered that my sister and I used to take a piece of bread, butter it and sprinkle it with cinnamon and sugar as our grandmother had made for us one time. Just thinking about it spiked a huge craving for butter, bread and sugar.......end sidenote.*
   We had a late night meal from Chipotle which contains meat that is antibiotic and hormone free. This is a decent "go to" option if you are left with little else. I had the bowl with veggies, steak, pico, tomatoes, onions, lettuce and guacamole. You have to tell them right away that you want no rice and beans because otherwise they will just start slapping that shit in there.
   The second night we went to Margaritaville, the restaurant located in the "Jimmy Buffett" portion of the Flamingo. Disgustingly disappointing. I asked the waiter which of their 3 fish options was wild and after checking with the chef he told me all 3 were farmed. Luckily I had texted my husband to find out which of my options was the best and he got back to me after I had already ordered blackened mahi-mahi. He said that it was impossible to farm mahi-mahi. Excellent instinct on my part and clearly the employees of this place were retarded. That's not even the best part. My waiter brought me my blackened fish with my substitute side-salad and the rice I had substituted it for, leaving my steamed veggies nowhere to be found. When I pointed this out to the waiter he said he would bring me a side of steamed veggies and then proceeded to hand me a small dish of green beans! Ummmm..... beans are legumes, not veggies and I don't eat those. Thanks for making me waste rice and beans, your time, my time and my money. The moral of this meal is: Don't eat at a place where the service staff AND the chef may possibly know nothing about food.
   The third morning I went to Hash House a Go-Go. This place is ridiculous and I wanted everything on their menu. Cinnamon rolls sliced and fried up like french toast..... WHAT???!
I opted for a scramble with a side of their griddled mashed potatoes (instead of the fried in canola home-fries). I was aware that this was a meal of low quality ingredients but a step or two above the aforementioned cinnadream. After tasting both the eggs and potatoes I realized that they, despite their deliciousness, they both most likely contained dairy- milk in the eggs and buttered potatoes. Whoops.
This was not a very well executed choice in hindsight. Next time I would probably order eggs over-medium so that I know there is nothing mixed in, and some other substitute for potatoes. It is unfortunate that this place is "twisted farm-food" that does not really have any farm fresh options.
   The last night I had the most amazing scallops drizzled with basil oil and placed on a scoop of ratatouille. I was thrilled. The veggies were most likely not organic, but the scallops were the best meal I had eaten while on vacation. Excellent meal at Mon Amie Gambi in the Paris Paris casino.
   If I had a car and friends that were willing to drive to more options, this would have been an easier trip. I did the best I could without trying to seem a "high-maintenance" eater, which apparently I failed at. Oh well. I'm trying to grow the healthiest baby I know how and that should trump all.

To make up for all the greens I missed out on during the week, I had a big salad with organic lettuce, pea-shoots, arugula, tuna, onions and tomatoes. It was very refreshing.
For dinner we had italian sausage from our CSA and peppers with a side of caesar salad.

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