Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Primal in Hawaii - Eating and Working Out

We just got back from a much-needed 10 day vacation in Hawaii. I was truly amazed at how easy it is to eat the right things out there! They are very lucky to have the resources so many of us struggle to find.
Since our return, I have become very interested in poached eggs. There was many a time we were at a restaurant and I was looking at the breakfast choices and desperately wished I could have eggs benedict, but I know that butter is a main ingredient of hollandaise. We did cook breakfast for ourselves once or twice in the house that our friend rented and I did have the opportunity to poach my own eggs. I realized I am quite good at it! Since we have been home, it is the only way I cook my eggs now. I even made a version of hollandaise using lard and bacon grease instead of butter.

So, now my breakfast has become 2 poached eggs, 1 piece of bacon and wilted spinach. It seems like such a little change, but as I said before... I love my eggs! Vitamins are always a must and we definitely stocked up for the road.

Working Out
We definitely kept active while out of town. Of course all of our local friends know about off-the-beaten-path hikes and sights. We also managed to log some days at local CrossFit gyms. While in Maui, we visited Lahaina CrossFit where I did a 20 minute workout involving push-presses, toes-to-bar and double-unders (probably the last time I can comfortably get my toes up to the bar). I got to try stand-up paddle boarding, which at first I was afraid to do... but all the more reason to force myself. Snorkeling proved to be quite a workout and provided us with some up-close experiences with huge fish and sea turtles. We also had a great hike that involved scaling down a cliff on a rope to some hidden pools. Tons of fun!

My 16 wks picture
 As I mentioned before, we ate really well. Maui Cattle Company is a locally raised brand of grass-fed beef and despite the fact that we were surrounded by some of the freshest fish in the world, my baby was craving burgers all the time. Below is one of those burgers we had for lunch with some coleslaw and next to that is an amazing brunch we had with an oyster and bacon omelette, side of fruit and side of lamb sausage which we could not resist!

Another amazing place where we had lunch was the Paia Fish Market. Definitely the best fish on the island as far as simplicity and freshness! Not your typical fancy sit-down restaurant, you order at the counter from a choice of fresh fish that day and sit at big communal style tables. I was truly jealous of the fish sandwiches I saw around me. I really do enjoy a good piece of battered fish on a squishy bun with tartar sauce and slaw. I was still pleased with my meal foregoing the bun and batter. We had blackened Opah on a huge bed of coleslaw since the other two side options were rice and fries (we may have overdone the amount of coleslaw consumed on this trip).
Not my pic below, but check out that piece of fish and fish tacos in the background (I wouldn't torture you with an image of their famous fish sandwich). I would have eaten there every day if it wasn't 30 minutes away.
 Once we got back we needed to restock the fridge. On a trip to Trader Joe's I discovered something wonderful! I don't know if it is a seasonal product, a new product or just something that has been there all along and I didn't notice until now. I'm talking about Ruby Red Chai. It is made with organic, caffeine-free, red rooibos tea leaves and all the other important chai spice flavors.
Just when I was wanting a hot beverage to warm me on a rainy day (usually would've been coffee or hot cocoa) I found the absolute perfect pregnancy, caffeine-free coffee alternative! I am now drinking chai latt├ęs.

Yes, I'm a Libra... Oct. 7th

To make this chai latte I use So Delicious sugar-free coconut milk. I boil the water and steep the teabag then add an equal amount of pre-warmed coconut milk, a drop of vanilla extract, a dash of nutmeg and cinnamon and sweeten with stevia to taste. It sounds like a lot of work, but it's worth it until I can get back to coffee. I also may use 2 teabags if I plan on filling my huge mug to the brim. I am definitely gonna stock up on this stuff for iced versions in the future.

Tonight I am making hot and sour soup with Kelp noodles. I was feeling a little like I caught a cold on my way home and like to make this soup because I feel like the vinegar and spice kicks up my immune system and clears my head. I am actually feeling much better than I expected today, but am going ahead with these dinner plans just in case my husband starts to get a little something.

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