Sunday, October 28, 2012

Notes to the Little One

Hello Little One!

"Yes Mommy? I'm listening."
Notes to the Little One
I had the great joy of seeing you again on Tuesday. I saw your feet and hands. I saw your fingers and a "thumbs up." I saw more of your backside than the sonographer wanted and we tried and tried to get you to roll over to show us your profile. I got to see your heart with all four chambers pumping away. Your Daddy was there too. We saw the placenta that looked like a pillow. You were cold I think, and am guessing that is why you wouldn't turn around. Maybe it's because it was past lunch time by the time they got us into the room for the exam. By that time I was already pretty annoyed with the lady at the front desk and the weirdos we had to sit in the waiting room with. Sorry about that. I'm sure it didn't help your mood either.
Nonetheless, there you were. I am truly not alone. Your head was on my right side and your feet on my left. I feel like that is the way you stay most of the time because the majority of your movement comes from where I assume your feet are. I feel little movements by your hands and head. Seeing you move on the screen and feeling it at the same time made me realize all those little feelings were really you tapping away. Now that I know that you are there, I am hyper-aware of everything you do. It's you and me now, hanging out in the apartment when everyone else is gone.
Let's make breakfast!

We are having 2 pieces of TJ's bacon, 2 pastured eggs, red onion, spicy peppers and spinach topped with a half of an avocado. I hope you like it. You must like a little bit of spice because I didn't start adding that to my breakfast until you came along. First it was an addiction to Cholula, which now I couldn't care less about, and now with the spicy peppers that your Dad pickled. We also take our vitamins every morning.

I'm pretty sure I felt you hiccuping the other night. It was a repeating movement that felt like a strong heartbeat coming from where I think your head and chest are. It says in my Sprout app that you are doing this from time to time to learn how to breathe and swallow. In another week and a half you will start to develop tastebuds but you wont really taste the food for some months after that. You can expect us to be eating plenty of veggies and weird things that I will want you to like when you are a growing child. I read it in my book: Do Chocolate Lovers Have Sweeter Babies?: The Surprising Science of Pregnancy by Jena Pincott. The foods I eat when you are in the womb and tasting them, will be foods you eat without protest when you come out. You will be a primal baby from the beginning!

By the way, there is supposed to be a hurricane coming tomorrow and Tuesday. We were supposed to go to the doctor and talk about your development but they called and cancelled all appointments due to the storm. I have never been in a hurricane before, and it's going to be an interesting Halloween this year (Wed. night) if it continues until then. Some people are worried but I am a little excited to see what happens and don't mind the prospect of sitting in candle-light watching the wind strip the trees of their red and yellow leaves. We have to pull the remainders of our vegetable garden inside since it could all blow away. Your dad says that we might not be able to go outside to even let Olive and Dexter go to the bathroom. I won't understand until I see the storm in action. Poor doggies. Olive is an anxious girl and Dexter was always afraid of thunder, so they will probably be a mess through the whole thing. I can't wait for you to meet them. They will be your biggest fans, I am sure.

Now I am off to the gym. We gotta keep this body in shape!

Working Out
Today's WOD:

100 double-unders  (I scaled to 25-30 and at most linked 7)

5 snatches 95 lbs.  (I did 65)

***5 rounds for time***  my time - 20:54

*work-out side-note: Too much jumping makes me pee or feel like I'm peeing or just have a little extra wetness in the baby-exit area. It sometimes, like today, is necessary to make a quick bathroom break to pee or just wipe-down. Yes, too much info. but info. nonetheless.

The last time I worked out was last Sunday. I know these wods are getting few and far-between but I will continue to fight the urge to be lazy. I did row sprints. That's row your ass off for 250 meters, record your time, rest for 2 minutes and try to row faster the next time, for 8 rounds. It felt good. I didn't really warm-up so my first round was the worst.
The rounds looked something like this:

Not too shabby. I did end up sucking down some huge gasps of air afterward... but since I have learned that my baby gets it's oxygen from the placenta and not from what I am breathing in, I wasn't worried for the little one. I feel that we're both strong enough to take a little extra physical exertion. After all, many a cavewoman probably had to make quick escapes from more dangerous predators than a gym while pregnant, right? And man has survived obviously.
I don't think the little one minded the workout then or today. There didn't seem to be a whole lot of racket going on in there until we got super hungry for lunch.

For lunch we had nooodles. No, that is no typo. It is actually No Oodles. I used leftover meat sauce from the other night and had spaghetti bolognese. It wasn't as fancy as it sounds but I LOVE NOOODLES! Followed this up with some apple-pear pie I made and was in heaven.

Notes to the Little One (cont'd)
I started to buy things for you, little baby. It makes me super happy already. I brought it all home and made your dad come and look at each and every thing. I don't think he got the same fulfillment that I did out of it, but he was happy that I was. I can't wait for you to see all the little wonders that I am going to put together in your room. I bought knobs for the armoire that I rescued from the street. I'm going to start painting it if we get stuck in the house tomorrow because of the wind. I bought little things to hang from a mobile for you and little friends to say hello to when you look in the mirror. I bet you are excited too and that's why you are kicking around now. You are going to be my favorite project! I am off to start hanging your new curtains and play with the other things I bought you. Daddy is napping on the couch and the doggies are in their beds waiting to see what this storm will bring. I love you little one!
-Your Mommy

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