Monday, May 28, 2012


Paying a little bit closer attention to my body these days....
Hoping, I guess... but not so much that I will be disappointed if my period shows up again in a week.
I've been feeling a little "crampy" this week but more like "tight" or "aware of my uterus." I know that must sound a little strange, but I'm all about finding the right words to be specific about feelings. I've also decided I'm really interested in looking up thing I will need in preparation for pregnancy and beyond as well as being into birthing documentaries. The Business of Being Born was awesome. If there is ever any movie to get someone amped up on homebirth, this is the one (or maybe for some- the exact opposite).

To the matter at hand: I am sitting here infront of my computer at 2:10 am and don't feel the least bit like sleeping. I am eating a piece of primal strawberry cake and don't seem to be covering up that hungry feeling. Granted I had a pretty unusually early dinner and I'm bound to be hungry 8 hours later... but I felt the same way last night too on top of not being tired. Mmmmm... good cake.
I've been taking my natural fertility supplements and marking things down in my "woman's" calendar since I finally found a good app. I mark things like symptoms of bloating or cramping or fatigue or for tonight and last- insomnia. Well hey, doesn't two at least seem the start of a pattern?
So I googled sleeplessness... and google finished the rest of "during early pregnancy." Clearly, I was not the only one wondering unless someone rigged all my computers to bring up all things baby related.
It seems like it is a pretty common thing to be feeling this way even before knowing if I am pregnant or not.

So, I'm thinking we'll see "what the weekend brings" or doesn't bring.

Alrighty.... gotta go back upstairs and toss around while the husband and dogs snore away. Putting my head where my feet would go and looking out the window proved to be the most comfortable.

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